Beautiful Facilities / Up to 96 guests /

$500 up to 3 hours, $50 per additional hour -

Price includes cleaning, rectangular tables (for buffet) and chairs and use of hot water urn


add ons:

 Waiter: $125  (when available)

  • 5 shelf Food warmer (only for meat): $50
  • Round table rentals ($10 per table)
  • Round tablecloth rentals (120-132 round) - options and prices below :

polyester (available in white, black, silver, chocolate brown, sage green): $10 per

taffeta pintuck (available in turquoise and in silver): $15 per

Flocking damask: $15 per

Flocking runners (available in black, fuchsia and in purple) and also in a silver/black tiger print: $3 per


Rectangular tablecloths:

flocking damask (90 x 132 - 2 avail): $15 each
black, white (90 x 132): $10 each

For tablecloths of other colors and styles please enquire.

 Package deal: $750 - in addition to the basic package includes up to 8 round tables, choice of tablecloths, one waiter to set up and be there throughout event and nice, white paper-goods (for a three hour event)

Date of event

Time of event






Food Policy

All caterers and food items must be glatt kosher certified and be approved by Rabbi Schapiro one week prior to the date of the event.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

DEPOSIT (required for all events) Deposit is $150 for all events. It must be received 30 days before the event (except in the case of a bris) to secure the date of your event. If it becomes necessary to cancel an event, it must be cancelled more than 30 days in advance of the event. A reservation that is cancelled within the 30-day period will result in a cancellation fee equal to one-half the deposit. Written cancellation is required. All religious ceremonies and Cantorial services must be conducted by Rabbis and cantors that are approved by Rabbi Schapiro.


Office personnel are not authorized to sign for any deliveries unless previously arranged. Chabad is not responsible for any items delivered early or left behind. Unless previously arranged with the office, the applicant must be on site to accept all deliveries. The day of the event, there will be on-site staff person one to two hours prior to the event to open doors.


Our on-site custodian will be responsible for cleaning of the facility. The applicant and/or the party planner will be responsible for the removal of all equipment, balloons, supplies, personal items, displays, etc., immediately following the event. The facility must be left in the same condition in which it was rented. Any clean-up not completed will result in loss of part or all of your deposit. Any damages incurred by the applicant or any of the applicant’s guests will be the sole responsibility of the applicant.


Main Kitchen is certified glatt kosher MEAT or PARVE events ONLY. Dairy events can be warmed up in sternos (not in the kitchen) Use of existing supplies is not allowed.

Decorations & Room Use Policies

Do not move or remove any equipment such as artwork, plants, etc. Tape, nails, staples pushpins, etc., are not permitted on any of the Facility walls, ceilings, doors, or furniture. Rice, confetti, and birdseed throwing, as well as silly string, are prohibited. Entrances, hallways, and exit signs must not be blocked at any time.

Smoking Policy

NO SMOKING is allowed in any of the rooms or entrances.


Children must be supervised at all times. Chabad staff is NOT responsible for unattended children.

I have read the Facility Reservations policies and agree to all terms and conditions.