This year I learned how to read in Hebrew. I already go on the 8th level in Aleph Champ. I learned a whole bunch about Torah and Jewish history. I love Hebrew School and I will really miss it because you can learn the real meaning of being a Jew and following Torah. I love being a Jew
Emmanuel, Age 9
I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to be here and learn about Jewish culture with my teacher. This year I learned the whole Hebrew Alphabet AND TO READ! I learned about Chanukah and got my beautiful Hagaddah for Passover. I learned about my past, present and future as I celebrate my life as a proud Jew. Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for enrolling me into Chabad Hebrew School. I love Hebrew School and can't wait for next year
Sophia, Age 11
This year we learned all about Jewish History at a more advanced level. I'll miss so many things in the summer: Aleph Champ, My teacher Morah Blumi, but most of all, I'll miss Hebrew School in general! I still can't believe I've gotten past 8 books in 2 1/2 years! I'm soooooo excited for next year! I love Hebrew School!
Gabe, Age 10